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What Are The Top Styles of North East Conservatories Available?

For slowly growing families, extra space and living area is a demand. House extensions are increasing in popularity nowadays. It originated in the 16th century and slowly became famous  all over the world most especially in European countries. A conservatory is a type of room extension which mostly comprise of glass. Some homeowners use their conservatories as an area to accomodate guests, some used as a greenhouse or a sunroom.

Regardless of how you want to use your conservatories, there are countless of designs and styles to choose from, but for the North East area of the country; these top 5 are the frequently utilised style.

1 – Victorian

Also known as the ‘Victoriana’, is the traditional and most classic design among all. Most homeowners prefers this type of design because it suits all and adapts well with the interiors of any house. This is the most popular conservatory style due to its versatility and delicate details, and is the first style that comes to mind whenever conservatories are discussed.

The Victorian conservatory consists of a bay front, a steeply pitched roof with elaborate designs. There are two options for this type of design: the first one has an angled front with three main glass windows which can also include a french door while the second one is more curved or rounded in appearance and has five windows plus a bay front. The latter option is preferrable if you have enough budget to spare and you want a wider living space.

Usually, oak is used for the foundation of this style due to its life longevity, quality and durability,but can be quite pricey. The Victorian choices are the most sophisticated and elegant among other designs. It is quite hard to install curved walls, and the details are very intricate, this makes Victorian conservatories a bit more expensive.

The major drawback for this style is the furniture restrictions, due to the shape of the walls, you might find it hard where to put your furniture. A regular Victorian conservatory may cost approximately between £5,000 to£8,000. It is not recommended to be a DIY project, so it will be best to hire a professional to do the job.


2 – Edwardian

The Edwardian conservatory is also referred to as Georgian conservatory. It was used during the 18th and early 19th centuries for the elite member of the society and was frequently replicated to Neo-Georgian since then. This design pulls features from the Greek and Roman Architeture. Some prefer this type of style over the Victorian conservatory because it is more cost effective and appears more modern.

This conservatory’s structure has a flat front with a 90-degree angle on the corners. Its is symmetrical in shape such as that of  a square or a rectangle, it also usually comes with a high sloping roof style made up of glass which provides  a bright, airy and spacious illusion. This is style is easier to install because the designs are not as ornate and intricate as compared to the Victorian Conservatory.

The Edwardian structure blends well will different types of homes.  This design allows optimal use of space due to its asymmetric structure. Choosing furniture for this is not very particular and hard. Due to its simpler design, this is the more cost effective choice than the Victorian.u


3 – Garden area

Garden area was one of the first reason why conservatories were made. This type of house extension serves as a greenhouse where plants are tended to, and were more popular among industrial and commercial places. But for the modern times, the garden area conservatory can serve as receiving area where someone can entertain guests. This is area is perfect for those who have green thumb but is finding it difficult to cultivate plants with the weather in the UK.

Rattan or synthetic rattan furniture will blend well in this type of conservatory. Also, metal tables and chairs are as well recommended.


4 – Panoramic Extension

Panoramic extensions are quite different from conservatories in the case of purpose, conservatories are used usually as receiving areas for guests or living room extension while panoramic extensions can be done anywhere in your house that needs more space. Example of this would be bedroom extensions or you are in need of a more spacious toilet and bath. This can also be the case for families with young children, you can make a panoramic extension for the sole purpose of a play room. This type of house extension can either have a divider or not, this depends on you.

The structure and foundation of a panoramic extension is much simpler than conservatories, meaning materials to be used will cost lesser and the installation also affordable. Furthermore, this provides wider and larger space as compared to conservatories. There are four styles of panoramic extensions to choose from that will suit your style and preferences, theses are: Elizabethan, Regency, Lean to and Victorian.


5- Orangery

Orangeries during the Renaissance period in Italy was mostly for growing citrus fruits (oranges) and plants similar to garden areas. As time changed, so did the purpose of this structure. Orangeries are atrium-styled conservatory, and like the other conservatories, orangeries can be either traditional or contemporary depending on the style of your home and your preference as well.

The difference of an orangery to a conservatory is the structure; orangeries often have higher ceilings and larger spaces. Orangeries also use lesser glass panels than conservatories, bricks are used for a more enclosed, more secured and private structure. The only similar thing between the two is that both have door panels between the main house and the extension, these door panels can be locked.

It doesn’t matter what type of extension you want for your home, the different styles will easily blend in with your home. There are DIY instructions available but it is best to still consult a company with a good reputation in building such structures. Surely, you would want these extensions to last for quite a long time.

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Great tips for getting your garden ready for summer

Great Tips For Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

After a long and cold winter and after the bright colours of spring fade away , you will start to feel the warm breeze of Summer on your skin. Summer is the best season to tend to your garden and just let those warm colours burst. Despite the heat of this season, it’s not an excuse not to tend to your gardens. There are quite a lot of plants and flowers that grow despite the hot climate. Not only do gardens make your yard beautiful, but it also increases the whole aesthetic aspect of your home. Here are a few tips for you who have green thumbs out there.

But before you go crazy and start planting, make sure that your driveways and paving slabs are cleaned , most especially if you live in the North East of England where gardens grow grubby fast. You do not have do it by yourself, you can call driveways companies to clean for you. So, this is a clean and fresh start for you and your garden. Before you continue reading, just a quick tip; make sure that you clean your driveway at least twice a year to avoid it from getting really sloppy.

The colour of your garden is a really important aspect in Summer because it will be the first thing that people will see when they drive past your house, visit you or even when they just walk by. It’s a great time to do things like container planting or pot planting where you can move anywhere and everywhere, this allows you to put your plants where you want them to be to make colours blend. You can be inventive and use all sorts of containers for planting. You can use recycled old tractor tires or even an old bathtub that you don’t want anymore. You can place beautiful hanging baskets at your front door to welcome guests, utilise lovely and colourful plants like petunias or begonias which grows wonderfully even in the heat or the Summer. Not only are you being creative, but you’re also saving a lot of money.

The RHS Royal Chelsea Flower Show is a superb place for advanced tips for your gardening needs.

Delightful Scents – When people think of Summer, the smell of flowers always comes to mind. Roses and jasmines have quite delightful scents and are perfect to grow during the hot season. Getting roses might be a bit time consuming but in all honesty, they are some of the most rewarding plants that you can grow. Planting them up your front walkway or near your windows that are open during the Summer months will pull those wonderful scents right into your home and give your home a natural air freshener.

Plant Summer Grass – If you’re looking to spruce up your lawn, getting a good Summer grass which do well in harsher sunlight will really help out. The top two recommended grass are the Celebration Bermuda grass and the Palmetto. Both varieties have wide blades and comes in dark and bright shades of green. These two types also have longer longevity than others. Grass makes your lawn pop especially when the are well maintained, but since these two varieties are low watering types, maintenance won’t be a problem. You will surely have the bragging rights of having a lovely lawn while your neighbours deal with problems caused by other varieties.

Revamp Your Landscape – a new Summer gives you a great opportunity to change your landscape’s theme. You can buy a new lawn furniture set or you may want to replace the sun dried coverings of your old ones if you don’t want to spend a lot. You can put in new water features that sit in obscure places all around the garden or you can buy new wind chimes that will stimulate your senses while you enjoy that warm Summer breeze. You can also add things like a bird bath or bird feeder so you can watch wildlife right outside of your windows. For Hard landscaping tips visit the website: North East Block Paving and Gardens, they are spot on in your gardening needs.

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See How an Indoor Blow Up Hot Tub Can Go in a Conservatory or Even on a Holiday!

If you’re an outdoor lover, camping would be on top of your bucket list and is a favourite, but camping with a portable hot tub at hand will surely make your holiday one of a kind. There are many reasons why one would want to use a portable hot tub, but perhaps the more pertinent question for many outdoor lovers is, would a portable hot tub be good to take on a camping holiday? To answer this effectively, it is important that we look at the advantages that the hot tub has over conventional ceramic or wooden hot tubs.

relaxing-in an inflatable hot tub

• The price of the blow up hot tub is more affordable when compared to that of the regular hot tub. It is usually made up of heavy vinyl material which obviously is a whole lot cheaper than the traditional ceramic and wood. When looking at this in the context of camping, it is easy to see why this would be a good take when going on camping holiday. Add to this the fact that you need not have a professional do the installation for you and you are set for your one of a kind holiday.

• The ease of installation means that you can carry the tub with you on the move wherever and whenever. Many hot tubs will be made available with a self-inflating pump. The user will only need to have a sufficient source of water and a strong stable flat surface that will hold the tub when it is filled with water. This offers excellent options for campers who are looking to have fun in the outdoors.

• Unlike regular tubs which collect a lot of dirt and needs frequent cleaning, portable hot tubs are easy to clean for the simple reason that they are used only when needed. Additionally, the difference between the materials used in portable hot tubs and the traditional ones determines the maintenance of each, of course vinyl would be easier to maintain than ceramic and wood. When not in use, the hot tub is folded and stored and can easily fit duffel bags which also protects the hot tub from dirt and other elements that can damage it. Such features make the hot tub an ideal accompaniment when you go camping.

• Camping offers individuals an opportunity to relax somewhere peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. What better way to do this than to get a portable hot tub, install it, make sure its on a safe surface and relax. Allow your thought to drift away in the crisp air that nature offers while you submerge yourself in a hot tub. Camping with a hot tub at hand will surely amp up your holiday trip.

• There are quite a variety of portable hot tubs to choose from, perhaps much more than you would get for regular hot tubs. This allows campers to choose something that aptly suits their personality and of course, their budget.

• Portable hot tubs offer campers the opportunity to bond over their trip. Imagine after a long walking trip to your destination, a warm dip would be a wonderful way to your tire away. Simply fill the tub with water and get your families and friends to bond, preferably over a glass of chilled wine as you talk the night (or day) away.


If the reasons mentioned above not make you run to that store and purchase a hot tub, then you’re missing quite a lot. Those benefits should be compelling enough for you to see why carrying portable hot tub would be a great choice when going camping. Just make sure that you choose the ideal size, type and design of hot tub that will meet your needs. It is a long-term investment for you, your family and your friends, or, if you know someone who is a happy camper and you are looking for ways to show your love, you could never go wrong with a portable hot tub. Go ahead and get one for a truly thrilling  and new camping experience.

Why a camping wardrobe can be used on a trip or at home in your conservatory

Nobody wants an ugly storage in their new conservatory, but we have to admit that it is a need.  A camping wardrobe can be unpleasing to the eye when placed in a newly installed conservatory, guests might find it out-of-place among the sophisticated furniture and intricate design in the area. This storage can easily be collapsed and kep away from the prying eyes of your guests and this is exactly why a camping wardrobe can be placed in your conservatory,

Camping can be a thrilling experience, only if you are well prepared for it. But if you are not, then you might end up disappointed with your expectations. Preparing yourself is as tedious in preparing the things that you need, in order to ensure that you have all the things that you need, you have to be organised, and organisation is only one of the few things a camping wardrobe can offer.

Ideally, there are two major seasons of camping, summer camping and winter camping. Most people prefer to camp during Summer for obvious reasons. The two seasons, however, share numerous similarities. For instance, both camping experiences requires you to prepare and bring a number of things and calls the need to get a wardrobe. If you are looking to get a camping wardrobe, you have to consider a few factors. In this article, we look at how a camping wardrobe can be used on a trip or at home.

The ideal time to shop for camping wardrobes is, well, anytime you need one. These camping stores will give you list of camping wardrobes to choose from with accurate quality reviews, these storage sell all year round as they are multi-purpose. The trick lies in getting something that will meet your needs well. However, if you are keen, you will notice that camping materials, camping wardrobes included, tend to decrease their price in months like March and April, this presents the perfect opportunity to purchase the wardrobe. While it may not be on the top of your list of camping equipment, it presents various advantages over conventional wardrobes. First things first, the camping wardrobe is easy to setup as it is to dismantle, as easy as that. No need for special tools or professional help. It is easy to carry around and quite easy to maintain.

This creates convenience for the regular camper. In addition, the material that is used to make the wardrobe is very light weight, allowing the user to carry it with ease. Once set up in the tent, this offers the camper the chance to organise their tent by arranging their belongings in the wardrobe. It allows for orderliness in the tent, thus saving time when one needs to get his things. A perfect equipment for those obsessive-compulsive campers out there.

The same can be replicated in your home, especially in houses that have limited space. The benefit in using the camping wardrobe at home is that it helps to save space. Choose a compact camping wardrobe if you are particular in maintaining order, and you will not be disappointed. In addition to this, camping wardrobes ensures that when you are moving houses, there is the ease of carrying one’s clothes when compared to conventional wardrobes. This is a plus for many individuals, particularly those who are constantly on the move.


There is a wide variety of camping wardrobes to choose from, and this allows you to get one that matches your style as mentioned earlier. Whether you are looking to use the camping wardrobe at campsite or would prefer that you have it at home, the number of choices is an advantage because you could always choose one that matches the theme of your house or tent. In the end, the affordability of camping wardrobes offers every individual a chance to get their things in order wherever they go. There is no better way to stay organised when camping, than with this portable camping wardrobe. If you are now considering to buy one, you might also want to buy a larger tent for yourself in order to accommodate this material.

Why artificial Grass maybe the must have garden product for 2014

artificial grass

There is a wide range of products to choose from if you want to improve your garden. From gardening equipment and tools, plants, flowers, trees shrubs, and artificial grass. Yes, artificial grass. Artificial grass, also referred to as synthetic grass or artificial turf, its is made up of artificial fibres made to look like natural grass. It is usually used in sports arenas but is slowly gaining popularity in residential and commercial environments. It provides users with many more benefits other than just providing a great entity as far as landscaping procedures are concerned. Below are some of the advantages of using artificial grass in the North East.

Artificial grass has a longer life expectancy as compared to real grass. Ideally, some companies offer this type of grass with a life expectancy of up to a decade. This not only creates an inviting space in your home, it also provides you a front or backyard that is always available and in tiptop condition and is in need of very minimal maintenance.

The use of artificial grass helps make savings especially on your water bills. The reason for this is rather obvious as this type of grass does not require to be watered. Even when it rains, artificial grass is known to exhibit better drainage than real grass. Synthetic grass requires no trimming and no water irrigation system. This way, the expense of watering grass and maintaining it is eliminated and your money may be used for something else.

The use of artificial grass makes a house look like a home and makes it look beautiful, it also increases the value of the property significantly. There is something that is very welcoming about a neat home. The even colour and symmetric illusion of the artificial grass increases the aesthetics not only of your lawn but your whole house. The colour attracts the eyes of passersby and the guests you are accommodating.

The other reason why artificial grass maybe the must have garden product is that it is environmental friendly. The fact that it does not require any grass fertilizer or pesticide makes it a great option for the environment. Additionally, it eliminates any carbon emissions that originates from lawn mowers that uses fuel.

Artificial grass is also ideal in environments that are hostile to plants such as in the desert and places where natural lighting is scarce.This form of grass is also ideal for people who keep pets in the home. Its durability means that pet owners have peace of mind unlike the case is with real grass.

Artificial Grass Installation

  • There are many stores and shops that offer artificial grass, ensure that you will find the best company to offer high quality artificial grass. To be able to lay it out evenly on your homes, its is better to contact a professional in the job so that proper installation will be done. When properly installed, the artificial grass will live up to your expectations especially in terms of longevity therefore in turn, making you save more money.

    The artificial grass is always ready for play, a trait that cannot be said in the case of real grass in harsh weather. Since this is the same type of grass used in sporting facilities, it is easy to see why artificial grass will allow you to play even when the weather changes.

    Artificial grass also ensures that your home and driveway will remain clean since it eliminates puddles and mud spots that are usual issues with real grass.

    The fact that artificial grass does not need mowing means that it is cost effective at present, more so in the long run. In addition to this, it also presents convenience to home owners who, for one reason or the other, are incapable of mowing their lawns. The elderly and the physically challenged stand among the number of people who will benefit from this type of grass. With the advantages discussed, it is little wonder why according to local leaders Easigrass Newcastle artificial grass maybe the must have garden product for 2014.

7 top tips for a matching impressive bathroom space

7 top tips for a matching impressive bathroom space

As a general rule, all bathrooms require that there is adequate lighting, proper ventilation, sufficient storage, shower screens as well as practical fixtures that enhance the functionality of the bathroom. Such fixtures are available in diverse styles so that it is possible for a homeowner to create an inviting space without spending an arm and a leg. Below are 7 top tips for a matching impressive bathroom space.

Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

1)      Ensure that all of the three integral sections of the bathroom, which is the toilet area, the showering area and the grooming area are planned with your preferences in mind. In doing this, bear in mind the importance of having ample space. This does not mean that those with minimal space cannot create an impressive bathroom space. In fact, it is quite possible to create small space that is just as inviting.

2)      Take into consideration the functionality of the bathroom. The reason for this is that master baths, guest room baths and spas tend to be more exquisite than, say, children’s baths. With the latter, there is the need to factor in safety measure to prevent accidents and injuries. In this regard, think about grab bars, rounded corners on various counters as well as facilities that cater for the physically-challenged within the home. If you are looking at a family bath, see to it that you take care of human traffic patterns. One way to do this is to install a bath tub as well as a shower head.

3)      It is almost impossible to talk of 7 top tips for a matching impressive bathroom space without making mention of mirrors. Mirrors are not only used as vanity pieces, but they are also a great way to add an artsy touch to your bathroom. When placed strategically, these mirrors create the illusion of ample space, as well as adding an interesting aspect to the lighting of the room.

4)      Add an element of art to the bathroom to create an impressive space. Some people are of the opinion that this is just another room and so there is really no need of incorporating art. This, however, is a matter of personal preference. If you can think outside the box, there are subtle ways to incorporate art. For instance, one could use paintings of different landscapes, mouldings and small items such as sea shells.

5)      What is the texture of your bathroom? For elegant space, how about using bath mats to add softness to the texture of the room? Window treatments also help ‘soften’ the bathroom as do unique curtain showers. It is still debatable the importance of using a toilet seat cover, but modern trends are slowly making a deviation from this practice,

6)      Avoid cluttered space by taking up various storage options that are available today. Decorated shelves, stylish woven baskets are a perfect example of how to put away your items in an organised manner. Put up shelves that match with the wallpaper for a classy touch.

7)      Coming in last in the 7 top tips for a matching impressive bathroom space is the use of calming themes in the bathroom. There are many ways to achieve this especially if you can play around with colour and different styles. One of the most common ways to do this is to ensure that the wall tiles match with those found on the floor. Try out different furnishings as well to create subtle concepts in this essential room.